Where are we NOW?

We have been on the road in 2016! We started in Kenya, and have had conferences in Thailand, Israel, Costa Rica, Croatia and Ukraine! It has been an awesome time connecting with MKs all over the world! We are now preparing to receive all our new MKs, at Missionary Training, followed by Missioanry Renewal! We are so grateful to everyone that makes this possible. In the last few weeks, we have picked up several new commitments. Thanks to all of you for believing in us and the MK Program (www.ismk.org). click here!

MK Retreats, 2016

As we return from another Missionary Kid (MK) retreat, this one in Croatia, we are so grateful to see firsthand what God is doing around the world. We started the year in Nairobi, Kenya with a retreat for all the families working with Live/Dead Arab World. Missionary families live in some of the most difficult places on earth, and yet they love being where God has placed them. They face challenges that we will never fully understand. They live with continual risk, difficulties, rejection, alienation from friends and family, and yet they push on, in obedience to God’s calling. In 2016, we have also had retreats in Thailand (for our families in Northern Asia), Costa Rica (for youth MKs in Latin America and the Caribbean), Israel (for families in Russia and Belarus), and till yesterday, Croatia (for families in all of Europe). I am amazed at the MKs that come through AGWM. We are so blessed with amazing families. In Croatia, we had approximately 150 MKs (4 months through high school). Ministering to these young MKs were 18 young adult MKs, and 5 other American volunteers. Each one of them raised their own funds to come and minister to these kids. MKs in college recognize the support they received as young MKs, and they do everything they can to give back to the MK program that invested so much in them. In Croatia, the youth program was led by two European MKs, Luke Turley and Austin Henderson. Luke, a current Chi Alpha missionary in Chicago, was raised in Belgium through high school. Austin was raised in the Canary Islands, with his parents currently serving in Vienna, Austria. Austin just graduated last week from SAGU. He spent his first week after graduation investing in the next generation. The elementary program was led by Daine Bean, MK from Slovakia, and current children’s pastor at Life360 church in Springfield, MO. Each of these leaders brought such a powerful presence of God! One young MK told her mom, in the car ride today, that this retreat was “life-changing”. That pretty much sums up what God did this week for ALL the MKs. ISMK has MKs from all over the world, spending their own money to make a difference in the lives of the next generation! Leaders are being born. Leaders are being released in ministry! Our prayer is that kids are filled with God and vision, families are strengthened, and the mission of the church is being pushed forward. We are so blessed to see MKs grow up to be amazing leaders. As MKs come and work at these retreats, the younger MKs are given great role models that have thrived in their MK experiences. Younger MKs are impacted for life! While the staff are growing leaders already, the younger kids will become the next generation of leaders in the Assemblies of God, and many of them in AGWM. Pray with us, as we head into the busiest time of the year. In the next few weeks, we will have another retreat in Ukraine, followed by our annual Missionary (Kid) Training, Missionary (Kid) Renewal, and the all-Asia Pacific retreat in Thailand. We covet your prayers for these kids, and for the leaders that are investing in each of them.

February, 2016

We have started 2016 with a *bang* in the MK program! A couple days after Christmas, a team of us went to Nairobi, Kenya to work with the children of missionaries living in some of the most challenging places on earth. Live/Dead Arab World missionaries all came together for 10 days of meetings, services, and spiritual renewal. We were glad to come alongside them and invest in their children. Many of these kids live in very remote, hostile locations. However, they understand the call of God, and the purpose behind their location. Needless to say, we can’t name families, and aren’t able to post any of their pictures. We ministered to about 70 MKs, from 6 months old, to 17 years old. I must say that this was an amazing group of kids. While we focused on the fruit of the Spirit (in the youth program), we saw these young people share their own passion for God and his mission. These are some of the sharpest kids in our movement! They are passionate about reaching the lost. They are equally passionate about taking the Gospel to the hardest to reach unreached people groups. As a team, we walked away refreshed by these MKs. We continue to pray for God’s protection and blessing on them and their families! Immediately after the retreat in Nairobi, several of us continued on to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where we held a retreat for all of our families living in Northern Asia. Northern Asia is another closed country, where names, pictures, and identities must be withheld. Once again, we had about 70 kids that live in rough places! Something missionaries don’t often talk about are the struggles of the kids. One of the major challenges that MKs face is loneliness. We send out these families to remote locations (and they gladly go where God sends them), but the consequences can be painful. Many of these kids face loneliness on a daily basis. Because of their locations, many times they are unable to access the internet. If they can access the internet, they know that their communications are being monitored. The annual times that we get to spend with these kids is like breathing a breath of fresh air for them. They get to have “church” once a year. We value your prayers and support as we facilitate the ministry to these kids. 2016 is a busy year with retreats. We have had 2, and we have 6 more retreats overseas. They are all listed on the www.ismk.org website. If you have a desire to travel with Dargan and myself, please let us know. We would love to have you!

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